Where is spring?

Here is what my winter has looked like so far…

Yup, my coldest run to date – a 10k in 56 min in 13 degrees.  And that was the temperature after the run!  It was so cold that the water in my Camelbak tube froze!  I was so happy to get this run in though, since I spent all of it with a new running friend of mine!  There is no way I would have run that far in that weather on my own.  Praise God for best running buddies!

Yes, my sweet Baby Thunder ended up with his own nebulizer mask.  In January, he ended up with bronchiolitis, which resulted in multiple visits to the pediatrician and one late night visit to KidMed.  After a week of breathing treatments every 4 hours around the clock, he finally kicked the nasty cold and has not had another one since!  Little Man and I had a touch of a stomach virus, I had strep at Thanksgiving, Hubby had the flu on our wedding anniversary, and pink eye has gone through our family three times.  

But, that’s not to say we haven’t had some fun this winter…

Happy Baby Thunder!
Date night with Hubby at La Parisienne before watching No BS! Brass Band play at the Richmond Symphony
Sweet snuggles with Little Man

Bring on spring!


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