Be still my heart

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!”

(Psalm 133:1, English Standard Version)

My dear sons, the joy you take in one another brings joy to my heart!  The smiles, the laughter, the goofiness…  I am just so blessed to be your mother.  It is the deepest desire of my heart that you will never be estranged.  I know that there will inevitably be times when you do not like each other, and those times may stretch to weeks or even months.  But I pray to God that you will always grow back together again, to dwell once more in unity with one another.  Even now, you are both so special in your own ways…

To my oldest son: though you value your personal space (maybe a little too much sometimes) and don’t like him to touch you without permission, you love trying to make your brother laugh!  You will say goofy things, hit your head with an oven mitt, or do a silly dance in hopes of seeing your brother’s smile.  This morning, I didn’t hear Baby Thunder crying as usual because you had gone in there to give him some toys and play with him.  May you never lose your thoughtful, caring spirit!
Little Man checking on his baby brother
To my youngest son: even though your personality has yet to truly develop, you are such an interesting little person!  You are observant, spending hours at a time watching your brother play his drums or building Legos.  I promise that one day very soon, you will be able to join him and play together.  For now, keep doing what you do best – bringing joy to our lives with your giggles and shrieks of joy, showing us your three-teeth smile, and pursuing your brother.20150314_101100 20150314_101119May you two always dwell in peace and unity!
Love, Mom

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