Best Intentions

I plan.
I pack.
I prepare.
I make lists.
I lay out my clothes for the morning.
I prep breakfast the night before.
I have espresso waiting on my nightstand.

Despite all my best intentions, my plans often fail. Or at least require modification.

For instance, I planned on gong for my 5 mi tempo at 7:30 Tuesday morning. However, Baby Thunder decided he needed to see me at 11pm, 1:20am, 3:32am, 4:57am, and 8am.  So my longest stretch of sleep was 3 hours all night long.  That espresso was mighty nice when I finally got up for reals!

Best way to start every morning!

I was reminded of Proverbs 16:9, “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”  As the date of our move to Ohio rapidly approaches (why does time seem to fly exactly when you don’t want it to?!), I need to keep this in mind.  I love planning and making lists, often to the point of wanting to control everything surrounding My Plan.  I had to learn this lesson of trusting in God’s plan more than my own so many painful times in nursing school… and a few times since then.  May I keep this lesson in mind when the anxiety of relocating and my natural desire for control threatens to overwhelm.

Oh, I did still manage to run Tuesday morning.  😉


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