Little Man the Trooper

Just for the record, Little Man is a trooper.

Last weekend, he developed a bit of a rash on his face.  Nothing big or too abnormal; just a few dots around his lips.  He has had something like this before, so I didn’t think anything of it.  Until Monday night, when it spread to the corners of his cheeks and turned quite red.  My initial thought was a food allergy… except he hadn’t tried anything new and has no known allergies.  I kinda thought maybe possibly impetigo, but there weren’t any crusties.  And, it wasn’t bothering him at all!  He was eating and drinking normally, playing hard outside, and being his normal happy self.  So Tuesday afternoon, we went to see the doctor just to make sure everything was okay.

Turns out, he has strep!

No complaints of not feeling well, no fever, no sore throat complaints, nothing.  Just this little rash.  Who knew!?!  So now my Little Man is on antibiotics and picked out a new Cars toothbrush.  The real struggle now is trying to keep him away from his little brother, who he loves to play with…  And I’m back to drinking lemon water and Emergen-C to not fall victim to the Strep Bacteria!

What do you do to stay healthy with sick kids?


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