Historic Half Marathon training: Week 1 recap

So last week was my first official week of half marathon training.  Here is what I was supposed to do:

8 mi long run
1mi easy, 5 mi tempo, 1mi easy
Pyramid speedwork – 400m, 600m, 800m, 1200m, 800m, 600m, 400m (400m recovery interval [RI])
XT (cross-training) Rowing workout: 8min easy, 10min tempo, 5min easy

Strength train 2 days.


Here is what my week looked like:
Monday:  Strength workout.  Squats, lunges, bicep curls, triceps extensions, bent over rows, plank variations, clamshell, single leg bridge, and some bench pressing.  I’ll go into my full strength workout another time.  I’m still nailing it down.

Tuesday: 5mi tempo day.  I was supposed to keep around a 9min pace, but I had both boys in the stroller with me so I just tried to maintain a moderately-hard effort.  This was my first run after Monument, so my legs felt pretty heavy, especially with all the hills in my neighborhood!

Wednesday:  Rest day!  My muscles were sore.

Thursday:  Track workout – 400m, 600m, 800m, 1200m, 800m, 600m, 400m w/ 400m recovery.  Due to some poor planning on my part, it took me over an hour to actually start this workout.  I couldn’t find a track, then I discovered my workout wasn’t in my Garmin, which wouldn’t sync with my computer.  Eventually I got it all straight and finally started my workout on the straight, relatively flat section of road in a nearby neighborhood.  Note to self – check with a local high schooler about their track availability for the week before finding childcare.  My times for each lap were off by several seconds.  I should have done: 400m in 1:53, 600m in 2:52, 800m in 3:50, 1200m in 5:51. Instead, I ran:
1:41, 2:52(!), 3:58, 5:56, 3:50(!), 2:55, 1:56.
Definitely gonna need to figure out how to run track times more consistently.

Friday I mowed the lawn.  I think this counts as my cross training, right?  Thank God Hubby came home, because I was exhausted.

Saturday was another rest day.

Reunited at long last!

Sunday was Easter, which dawned sunny and chilly – perfect for that long run.  After almost a year, I was finally able to reconnect and run with my running buddy from my marathon training days!  It felt so good to catch up and run like old times.  We wiled away 8.89 miles by chatting about kids, work, family, and running.  The plan called for 8mi at HMP (9:00) + 20 seconds.  We ended up running the almost 9 miles at an 8:51 pace!  My legs felt used afterwards, but no pain.  And after trying on about 5 different outfits, I managed to recover with my compression socks at church by layering my skinny jeans under a sundress.  Thank goodness for chilly 60 degree days that allow for such fashion statements!

This week, we will be traveling to Cary, NC to be reunited with Hubby for his last week of class.  And to visit with our dear friend and her kids who live just outside Cary.  Running this week looks like:
3mi tempo
6 x 800m (90 second rest interval)
10mi easy long run.


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