Homemade yogurt


So, I’ve been known to make my own yogurt.  It’s cheap, I know exactly what’s in it, I can add whatever I like to it, and it’s cheap.  🙂  And we go through a lot of yogurt, especially for our overnight oats.  And now, you can too!   Yup, I’m gonna share my secret with y’all.  Ready?


You need 2 liters of milk – the higher the fat content, the thicker and creamier it will be.  For health reasons, I use 1% milk.  To boost the protein content and make it a little thicker, I add 1/2 cup of instant nonfat dry milk.  You also will need 1 cup of plain yogurt as your starter.  I typically save 1 cup from my last batch of yogurt, but if it is old or I don’t have any I use the Fage 0% Fat plain yogurt.


Whisk the milk and dry milk in a medium pot and turn the heat on medium or medium-high.  Stir occasionally until the thermometer (I have a candy thermometer from Pampered Chef) registers 180 degrees F.

wpid-20150413_132930.jpgNow you need to cool the milk to 120-115 degrees F.  If you are in a hurry, place the pot inside another pot of ice water.  Otherwise, you can just put it in a pot of cold water, or just wait until it comes down on it’s own.


wpid-20150413_133634.jpgNow, place your yogurt starter in a bowl.  Then, take some of the cooled-down milk and add it to your yogurt starter.  Then gently mix them together.  If it isn’t mixing well or you still have lots of big clumps of yogurt, add some more of the cooled milk.  Once it’s all combined (it should be thick with minimal clumps), add it back to the pot of cooled milk.

wpid-20150413_133900.jpgPour it into your fermenting container.  I have the Yogourmet yogurt maker.

wpid-20150413_133932.jpgSnap the lid on, place it in the water bath container…



…  And let it do it’s thing!  8 hours later, take it out of the yogurt maker, refrigerate, and voila!  Yogurt!  Actual cooking time takes about an hour with minimal mess, and makes 2 quarts of delicious yogurt.





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