Mother’s Day

I get to celebrate Mother’s Day because of these two cuties.wpid-20150413_184804.jpgwpid-20150414_094105.jpgThese little boys are my world – the reason I stopped working as a nurse, why I missed my final college graduation this weekend, and why I am a stronger runner.  They make me laugh hard or want to scream with frustration.  They keep me awake at night and are (partly) responsible for my becoming coffee addict.

And I wouldn’t trade this craziness called Motherhood for anything.

I have learned having patience, extending grace, and crying out to God for help.  I have prayed nearly continually for my boys’ hearts since before they were born.  I love watching Little Man learn new letters and hearing Baby Thunder’s new sounds.  I love being “Mommy” and “Emmm” to these sweet, crazy, funny, talented boys!

wpid-20150510_190138.jpgAnd what better way to celebrate being Mom than a solo grocery trip, getting new running shoes, and going for a quick (solo) run?  All because I have The Amazing Hubby who makes dinner, washes dishes, and folds the boys’ clothes so I can have a little quiet time to breathe…  So that I can come back and be a good, mentally-competent mother to my boys.  🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to all, especially the expecting moms-to-be!


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