The Week of the Half

It’s here!  The week of the MCM Historic Half Marathon!

2011 – my second Historic Half
2014 – Historic Half #3, 26 weeks pregnant with Baby Thunder!

I’m really excited this year because I will be running it with this brother:

Remember him?

After we completed the Monument 10k, he asked about this half marathon.  After multiple phone calls, smack talk, bribes, and some encouragement, he took the plunge and signed up!  What a way to finish my last race as a Virginia resident!  🙂  Since mid-April, my training has been hit-and-miss.  I’ve missed nearly all the track workouts.  My longest run was a 10 miler in mid-April while in Columbus, OH.

10 miles is more fun with new friends


Flat mommy

But, I’ve consistently been running at least 2 (mostly stroller tempo) runs per week.  And 2 weeks ago, a friend of mine who is a group fitness instructor at the local YMCA got me a guest pass in order for me to take her cycling class.  And let me tell you, that butt kicking never felt so good!  So much so that we joined the Y two days later.  🙂  I’ve done another cycling class since then and a few more runs, including a Mother’s Day 3 miler.

3 miles in new shoes!

So, my goal for this Sunday is to have fun, try to stick with my brother, and maybe – hopefully – finish around 2:05.  I’ll let ya know how it goes!


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