Taper week

Sunday:  I thought and planned on running a final 10 miles.  Yes, it is a week before the half marathon, but I wasn’t really planning on tapering much.  I am planning on running the Historic Half Marathon with my brother, but I have no intentions of attempting a PR (mine is 1:48).  The course is very hilly, so I’ll be happy with a 2:05.  However, my two running buddies weren’t able to join me, and I was not mentally prepared to run 10 solo miles.  So instead, I picked up my new running shoes, went to the grocery store by myself, and ran a short, hot, quiet 3.5 miles by myself.  It was glorious.  🙂wpid-20150510_190138.jpg

Monday:  Rest day.

Tuesday:  Ran 4.2 hilly miles in 41:19 in sunny 87 degree weather!  I don’t really recommend running at noon on a hot spring day on a course with no shade.  😛  But, I felt better than I thought I would!  I felt lighter towards the end of my run, like I could have gone farther.  It was also nice to have Hubby riding near me, pulling the boys in the trailer.

Wednesday:  Rest day.

Thursday: 5.25 miles in 51 minutes.  Last run before my half marathon. Felt really weird/loose/floppy. I think it might be due to NOT running with the stroller and being more aware of my stride/weaknesses. Also, I think I’m suffering from self-induced taper madness. I wasn’t planning on tapering, but I think I have. Plus, I’ve tried cramming workouts in with hopes of increasing my fitness – stupid me! I know better!!! Oh well…

Friday: Rest day.  Went for an evening walk with the boys.  🙂

Saturday:  Expo day!  🙂

Sunday:  Half Marathon, here I come!


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