Recovery week

I am now a week post-half marathon, and feeling (mostly) back to my usual self.  I have taken Monday through Wednesday off from running or going to the gym.  However, my dad joined Little Man, Baby Thunder, and I for a little road trip to the Baltimore Aquarium!


We had a great time!  Little Man loved seeing all the fish, but I think he especially liked being carried in Dadad’s back carrier, or his “motorcycle” as Little Man called it.


I carried this cutie.  So, though I didn’t actually work out on Tuesday, I’d say walking 2-ish miles around Baltimore qualifies as a workout.  I was feeling it in my legs and feet that night.

Thursday – I attempted a PiYo class at my gym.  It didn’t help that I was about 5 minutes late, so I came in feeling out of place.  That feeling didn’t go away, as I felt totally out of my element.  I was expecting something more like calming yoga alternated with some Pilates moves.  Nope, nothing like that.  It was some yoga moves like downward dog and triangle, but really fast and set to pop music.  Not a fan.  I kept getting the moves and sides mixed up, and just felt lost the whole time.  Though I must admit, my legs were definitely feeling it by the end of the day.

Friday – I took my favorite class – Cycle/Strength Fusion.  I really needed that warm up to loosen my legs.  The strength part was very challenging, but I felt like the cycling portion was comfortably hard.  I didn’t feel like I was dying, but I was able to keep up.


Saturday – I ran 3.64 miles in just under 38 minutes, averaging 10:21 min/mile.  Boy, were my legs sore!  I was hoping the run would loosen them up, but they were just dead from the workout I put them through the last two days.  So, I ended up taking frequent walk breaks with my running buddy, and we enjoyed some therapeutic conversation.  🙂

Sunday – Rest day.  Time to give these ol’ legs a rest!

Happy Memorial Day!


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