Recovery Week #2

Memorial Day Monday – I took my first for long cycle class in probably forever. Oh my gosh, my legs felt so dead. That instructor really kicked my butt. Anyways, it felt like a great way to start my Memorial Day. Thankfully, Hubby was home so he was able to stay with the boys. A little date by myself!

Tuesday – Took my first Barre class at the Atlee YMCA.  Wow, it was intense, but I really enjoyed it!  I like that though it was very challenging, I could (mostly) keep up and was familiar with enough of the moves to not feel totally out of my comfort zone (unlike my experience with PiYo).  Certain moves felt easier on one side of my body versus the other.  This is further proof that I have been suffering from imbalances that have been contributing to my left knee pain.  My hope is that continuing this class will help to correct some of those imbalances and make me a stronger runner.  I will definitely be attempting this class on a regular basis!

Wednesday – 4.1mi in 41 minutes with the boys. Blah. I felt so heavy and slow! 74 degrees and 81% humidity at 8:30am.wpid-screenshot_2015-05-27-08-31-22.png So hot! My legs felt so tired. Could be all the new exercise classes I’ve been doing the last week or that I’m 10 days post half marathon or the summer heat… could be all the above. I haven’t been this slow in months! 😦 I hope my speed will come back soon! Anyways, glad I could get the boys and I up and out the door “early”. I might need to be up and out earlier as the weather gets hotter. Or just do the treadmill.

Thursday – Rest day.  Poor Baby Thunder came down with a stomach virus that had him vomiting 5 times between the hours of 8pm and 11pm.  Needless to say, we weren’t going anywhere.  And my legs really needed a break!

Friday – Another rest day.  Really wanted to go to the Cycle Fusion class, but Baby Thunder had some explosive action in the diaper region.  Little Man also had some stomach distress followed by a fever of 101.  So, spent another day in home isolation.

Saturday – Ran 7.1 miles in 1:14.  I didn’t make it out early with my running buddy, so we rescheduled for 4pm.  It was a hot 82 degrees, but the humidity was lower so it actually felt half decent.  Plus there was a slight breeze, which always helped.  My running buddy (initials MS) was not feeling well towards the middle of our run, so we took multiple walk breaks (hence the 10:28 pace).  But, as always, we had some really good therapeutic conversation.  🙂  I’m really gonna miss her…

Sunday – Speedwork!  Took all my boys to the track. 3 x 1mi repeats in 7:56 with a quarter mile recovery. I ended up running in 7:18, 7:36, 7:45. I obviously need to work on my consistency, but was able to finish the workout under the estimated times. Man, it is tough to do track work solo! And, it was nice to see my boys.



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