Plan for the rest of June…

So, I’ve already posted my (tentative) training plan for June.  But, June is going to be a busy month for us – it’s Moving Month!

At the moment, we still don’t yet have a place to live.  But as a lady from church encouraged me how despite their numerous moves, the Lord always provided exactly what they needed.  I am so grateful for the reminder – I trust that my loving heavenly Father will provide me and my family exactly what we need in the coming weeks.  I recognize that may not be what I want, but it will be exactly what my family and I need.  So, I will continue to move forward with planning and packing and waiting on the Lord.

So, what is our ETA for Ohio?  The lease is up in our current establishment on June 30, so we are planning our Virginia exodus between June 27-30.  I’m just now starting to consider the logistics of staging our departure, specifically the packing, truck loading, and last cleaning.  Things will be different this year versus moving last year because 1) I’m not 8 months pregnant, and 2) we now have two little people to keep track of.  I’m still in the collecting boxes stage, and plan on start packing for reals the weeks of June 15 and 22.  We will probably pack up the major stuff into a moving truck on Day 1 of the Great Departure, spend the night somewhere (yay for hotel points!), and then finish cleaning on Day 2 before leaving for our new life in Ohio.

I know our Virginia departure is eminent.  But for right now, I’m going to savor my last 2 weeks of box-free living!  I want to enjoy our last cookout with friends, relish my late-night glass-of-wine heart-to-heart talks with MS, and savor our last few Sundays at our beloved West End Pres.  And I will try to create as many memories with my boys as possible:

Fun in the sun and water!

Trips to the National Zoo with Da-dad, the National Aquarium with Da-dad, and road trip to Ohio!


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