June: Week 1 Training

Monday – So happy it’s June!  Took my second Barre class ever.  I gotta say, I’m really loving it!  I went ahead and made sure they offer Barre classes at the Columbus YMCA branches.  I love the burn in my glutes and hip flexors,

Tuesday – an hour-long spinning class this evening at the Y. Wow, I forgot how hard these kinds of classes are! I lost focus after 28 minutes and just wanted to quit. It’s almost embarrassing to admit that… the only thing that kept me going was visualizing my marathon in October. I know running 26.2 miles is hard; I’ve done it only once, but I vividly remember the mental anguish between miles 17 and 25. One of my goals this time around is to find better mental toughness strategies. Giving it my all in an hour long cycling class may become part of that training. Either way, I finished the class probably a few pounds lighter than when I started due to how much I sweated! The room was really humid. Rode 15.9 miles in 52 minutes.

Wednesday – National Running Day!  There was no way I could not run today, even though I really wasn’t feeling it this morning.  I was tired, my legs were tired, and the weather was really un-motivating.  But, I knew I really didn’t have an excuse, so into the stroller go the boys!  4.2 miles in 39:46, avg pace 9:28.  It must have been the 57 overcast weather that made me faster than the last 2 weeks.  Or maybe because I’m becoming a regular at the gym…  Whatever it was, I’m glad to be back under the 10s!

blank-logoThursday – Rest day.

Friday – Cycle Strength fusion class taught by my friend Emma.  Man, this girl really knows how to work you!  I just love taking her classes.

Saturday – Track workout before our going away party.  The weather was finally sunny! 10155160_10153457794636162_4211808307189211639_n

4x800m with a 2min recovery.  My times were: 3:27, 3:17, 3:24, and 3:28.  Total distance was 3.74mi.  I’m really happy that my times are so much closer than any other workout thus far.  The last repeat was mentally so hard!  I’m so glad I brought my iPod with me.  I don’t normally run with music, but I really need some kind of mental pick-me-up when doing these workouts.

Sunday – Rest and recovery from the going away party.  Went on a “date” with Hubby to Starbucks so we could talk without interruptions about our upcoming move.


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