The nature of Change

This upcoming move has made me ponder a lot recently. Our little family is undergoing a lot of change in what feels like a very short amount of time. In the last 10 months – well 11 months really – we have moved to the house we are currently in, had a baby, David started a new job, I became a stay at home mom, I finished school, and now we are preparing to move to Ohio. Like I said, a lot of changes in a very short amount of time.

One of the things I’m really struggling with is the concept of change. Everytime I think of an example of change, there is always a loss. While change can be very exciting, you often gain something by losing something else. For instance, getting married gained me a husband, but I lost my family identity. Being pregnant gained me a child, but we lost the freedom of spontaneity that comes with being a childless married couple. Moving to Ohio will gain me new friends, new experiences, new everything, but I’m leaving behind my friends, my family, and my home here.

Could it be that the nature of change – of gains at the cost of a loss – is a result of the fall of man and the nature of sin? Could it be that when Jesus comes again and brings with him the new heaven and the new earth that there will no longer be any change? Or that somehow the nature of change will be different so that there will no longer be loss or grief?

I don’t know if I have the answers, or if these are just the ramblings of a stressed out, sleep deprived mind. But I do look forward to the time, to the day when Jesus will come again and there will no longer be any grief or sadness.

So, I will grieve the loss of what I’m leaving behind in Virginia, but hopefully soon, I will be able to rejoice and be excited for the things I will gain with this change.


One thought on “The nature of Change

  1. Dear, dear Caty,

    One of life’s major stressors, questions, quandaries, etc. Change can DEFINITELY be difficult, dastardly, and depressing. As the years go by, I have discovered more and more that I dislike change. Perhaps it is because I have had so much change over my lifetime. A few years ago, I, too, pondered what change means. I think the difficult part of it is certainly a part of the sin in this world as well as in ourselves. On the other hand, I know that God uses it for my good when I look to Him for help through it, and trust His sovereignty.
    The Bible DOES say that there will be no more sorrow or tears in heaven. I think that change there would be exciting and fun because we will have perfect love and will understand that perfect love.

    In a sense, this has been one of my hardest moves. I think because my soul is weary of losing friends over and over, and not having my extended family to rely on over the years since I left home. (Tears) I so much want THIS family-the David C. Winyard, Sr. family- to be different. My goal is to keep the relations in good health so that we can have fun together and be a support to each other, and to have the security of knowing we are loved and belong. It is difficult at times, but perseverance and reliance on the Holy Spirit and God’s word will get us through. Forgiveness is a huge part of keeping our relationships healthy. Every time I think of not forgiving someone, I am confronted with Christ’s death on the cross for ME, and how He forgave me and everyone else. How can I not do so also?

    I am excited about you guys moving here. I hope and pray that it will be a time for us all to solidify our love and care for each other. If it does we will have a foundation that will help us all weather the storms of life together whether we are near or far.

    I am so in awe of God working this out-all of us within 60 min of each other. I praise and thank Him, and rejoice in what He is doing!

    I love you, Caty. I plan to see you often once you move here, so be warned! 🙂

    Mom Winyard


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