Things I’ve learned since moving 500 miles

1.  Have the moving truck start at least 2 hours before you (the faster car).

2.  Keep essentials – towels, disposable plates and silverware, snacks, bottle opener – in the faster car.  I had to borrow a spoon from my sister in law (who welcomed us home) because somehow all the disposable tableware ended up with Hubby, who didn’t arrive for nearly 3 hours after me.

3.  Do not start week-long projects (such as painting two big pieces of furniture) the same week you move in.  If you do, the chaotic state of your house will long overstay its welcome.

4. Pack a good bottle of wine or beer to celebrate safely arriving at your destination in one piece.  Especially if your support system (aka Hubby) is running very late.

5.  Boxes will be everywhere.  Accept that.  Cry as needed.

6.  You may end up staying up past midnight for a week trying to unpack because it is the only time of day you can be really productive!*
*This only applies if you have small children.


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