Listening to your body, Part 2

So, I’ve done it again.  Signed up for a race, wrote and tweaked a training plan, and followed it almost religiously for 2 solid weeks.  My total mileage last week was the highest it’s been in a while – 22.  Not a lot by many standards, but it’s exactly where I want to be right now.  The week before was 15 total miles.

The long run crew
My long run running buddies

And then, this week happened…

I totally fell off the training wagon.  Wasn’t feeling it, super tired, no motivation at all.  Haven’t gone to the gym once this week.  The running mojo has left the body.

But looking back at my training history, I’ve noticed a trend.  I get all pumped about starting a new training cycle, follow it almost perfectly for 2 weeks, and then fall off for about a week.  And today, I think I had an epiphany.  Some people can run 20 mile weeks consistently.  Others run closer to 50.  Some people run 3 times a week (like yours truly); others run 5-6 days a week.  Every runner is different, unique.  Our needs are different, our goals are our own, and our training methods are not for everyone.  So, I think it’s time to tweak the training plan yet again…

Most training plans have fall back weeks, where the total distance and the long run are slashed.  Instead of running 20 miles for 2 straight weeks, you run 12 miles the week after your 20.  I’ve sort of followed this plan, but I think I need more of a break than just decreasing my long run from 14 to 9.  I need to plan more rest days in my fall back weeks.  Skip the track workout, take them tempo down to an easy run, try a “fun” class at the gym.  Still move and be active with my boys, but not spend 30 minutes every weekend trying to plan out my runs around our play dates, errands, or home days.  I’m a home body by nature, so I can spend a week or two being out every day, but then I need to seclude myself to the quiet chaos of my own home.  🙂

So, my one run thus far this week (5mi tempo) went great, and I am running a spontaneous half marathon this Sunday before we travel back to Virginia for 3 days.  And here’s what the rest of my training plan will look like:

Week 8
Track – 3 x 1600m (400m RI)
Tempo – 2 x (1mi easy, 2mi ST), 1mi easy
Long Run – 8 mi HMP + 20sec

Week 7
Track – 2 x 1600m, 2 x 800m, each with 60sec RI
Tempo – 1mi easy, 5mi MT, 1mi easy
Long Run -13mi HMP + 30sec

Week 6
Track – resting.
Tempo – 5mi easy
Long Run -14mi HMP + 30sec

Week 5
Track – 3 x 1600m (400m RI)
Tempo – 6mi easy
Long Run -10mi HMP + 20sec

Week 4
Track – 10  x 400m (400m RI)
Tempo – 1mi easy, 5mi MT, 1mi easy
Long Run -15mi HMP + 30sec

Week 3
Track – 2 x 1200, 4 x 800 (2 min RI) OPTIONAL
Tempo – 1mi easy, 5mi MT, 1mi easy OR 5mi easy if needed.
Long Run – 12mi HMP + 20sec

Week 2
Track – 5 x 1000m (400m RI)
Tempo – 2mi easy, 3mi ST, 1mi easy
Long Run – 8mi HMP + 20sec

Week 1
Track – 6 x 400 (400m RI)
Tempo – 3mi easy
Long Run -13.1mi Half Marathon on October 18 at 7:30am.

I’m still going to plan on going to Barre every week, swim and cycle twice a week, and try to add in a BodyPump or HIIT class once a week.  But on my recover weeks, I’ll try to go to the gym just once.

Wish me luck on the Emerald City Half Marathon on Sunday!  😉


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