Race recap – Emerald City

On my long run last weekend, one of my training buddies asked if I was running Emerald City, a popular half marathon and “quarter marathon” aka 10k in Dublin, OH (one of the suburb of Columbus). I wasn’t, since I was not planning on paying $90 for a race last minute. So, she asked it I wanted to run it as her daughter, who happens to be the same age as me. 🙂 after contemplating it for a few days, I agreed. My training plan called for a 12 mile long run, so what difference would  1.1 miles make? None! 😀

As I already wrote, my training last week didn’t really happen. At all. I got one 4.5mi tempo run in with both boys on Thursday, but that was it. And, I’ve already written that I need to schedule more, longer rest weeks into my training. I wonder if part of that need is just this stage of life – two small, active little boys who demand my constant attention. Well, regardless of the reason why, I rested this week and ran a great race this morning!

The weather was great – sunny and 60 something for most of the course. I brought a Health Warrior chia bar as my fueling plan and was willing to try the carb Boom! gels that were provided on the course. Do as I say, not as I do – don’t try anything new on race day! Though for my purposes, this was a training run.

Anyways, I left my house just after 5:45 am to make sure I would have enough time to park. Which means I got there, parked, and situated in time for this beauty!


I checked my post – race bag, found the medic tent (just in case), did some warm up drills, then wormed my way into the correct corral. I was planning on a sub-2 hour race, hoping to get close to my PR of 1:48.

The gun sounded at 7am. It was a quiet course, with a few spectators, fabulous and frequent water stops, and some fields. For my Richmond peeps, it reminded me of the Patrick Henry half marathon in Ashland, though with more houses mansions. There was barely any shade on the course, but it was not super humid or hot. Around mile 5 or 6, we entered Glacier Metro Park. It was quiet, winding through tall grass fields and a swamp. The guy I ended up running with said he has often seen deer, turkeys, and pheasants in this park. I really enjoyed this chance meeting with Don – he made this would-be lonely race very enjoyable and made the 8:20-8:30 pace seem easy.

The course was very well marked, the water stops were plentiful, the finish area was not too crowded or chaotic. The post-race food was excellent (except the lemon ginger yogurt – not a fan!), and I did not have to use the medic tent! Thank goodness for 2 Nuun tablets and half a POWERade the night before! And, I got so close to my PR  – I finished (unofficially) in 1:51! And the absolute best part…….


I did it while 8 weeks pregnant with Baby #3!!! 😀 Here’s to many more miles with this little blob, due April 2016!


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