Bump Update: 10 weeks

One quarter down, 3 more to go.  I’m still having a hard time believing I’m growing another human!  And then the fatigue or nausea hits…  Then I start believing a little more.


How far along? 10 weeks 5 days

How big is Baby?  The size of a kumquat

Gender:  We will find out in 8-10 more weeks!

Maternity clothes:  Nope!  Certain shirts or dresses makes it appear I’ve been enjoying a few too many donuts, but I still fit in all my normal clothes.

Swelling:  Not at all!

Food cravings:  Pizza (weird, I know) and cantaloupe!  Can’t get enough of that stuff.  I am unashamed to admit that I ate almost an entire cantaloupe on Saturday, right after buying it at the Worthington Farmer’s Market.  Nothing beats farmer’s market quality cantaloupe…

Food aversions:  I’m so sad to admit this, but any and all green veggies.  Just the thought of a salad makes me nauseous.  I’m really hoping this will pass in the next 3 weeks, because this is the longest I have been avoiding my veggies since I was 10.

Sleep:  I’m back to taking Tylenol PM every night, and that has been helping… as long as Little Man doesn’t wake me up because he kicked off all his blankets and can’t find them (right next to his bed).

Mood:  Hubby had the best word description for my general state of mind most of the time: apathetic.  I just don’t care about much these days.  I’m hopeful that this is mostly caused by fatigue, and will therefore not last the remaining 30 weeks.  That being said, I still don’t do pregnancy well.

What I miss the most:  Sharing a craft beer with my husband in the evenings.

What I’m looking forward to right now:  Getting my energy back within the next 3 weeks and finally being able to eat veggies!

Funny moment this week:  I inherited my dad’s tendency to overthink things.  While this habit can be helpful when making important decisions (making sure I have all the data in order to make an informed decision), it is highly annoying when attempting to make insignificant decisions.  Case in point:  This weekend, my favorite maternity workout clothes company For Two Fitness was having a Labor Day sale.  I was considering three different shirts – Working Out for Two tank, Running for Two tee, and Running for Two long sleeve.  Here were my thoughts: “This winter will be spent with me being very pregnant, as opposed to my two summer boys.  Therefore, a long sleeve shirt would be beneficial, except that I am anticipating having to run on a treadmill most of the winter, in which case a tank top or tee shirt would be most beneficial.  But, I really wanted a Running for Two shirt since I already have Training for Two tank.  But what if I do end up running outside some?  Or what if I just need a long sleeve shirt for the winter, but will I really wear a Running for Two shirt with a pair of jeans to the grocery store?”  Yes, these were my exact thoughts for nearly 5 minutes.  After a brief discussion with Hubby to help me decide (he opted for the Running for Two long sleeves), I discovered they only had my size and acceptable color in the tee shirt.  I love it when my decisions are made for me.  🙂

Total weight gain: Roughly, only 1 pound.  This is another reason I am still in denial about being pregnant.  With both boys, I gained nearly 5 pounds in the first trimester.  Despite eating pizza and carbs way more than normal, my weight gain has been minimal.  We shall see how long this lasts….

What were your food aversions or cravings?


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