Race Review – Run 4 The Health Of It 4 Miler

When we moved here from Virginia, one of the first things I did was research a pediatrician for the boys and a primary care physician for me.  Having spent 9 months working in a physician practice taught me to be picky.  I knew I wanted an Internal Medicine doctor for me versus Family Medicine, and I wanted a Patient-Centered Medical Home group (PCMH).  This new model for private practice is relatively new, and is a way for certain standards and best practices to be upheld.  They also work to coordinate care across multiple specialties and services, and strive to offer accessible service (if your provider can’t see you when you need an urgent visit, they will try to work you in with a partner same day).  For more info on PCMH, check out this website.

I came across Central Ohio Primary Care, a large group with practices in every specialty.  At our first pediatrician appointment, I saw a flyer for a Labor Day race near us.

COLOR Linier
Run 4 The Health Of It 4 Miler

Naturally, I signed up.  🙂  Turns out, this 4 miler is kind of a big deal.  There were over 10 different vendors at the race, lots of free items, and offered a stroller friendly course.  Since I was unsure if Hubby was going to be home or not, I decided I would race with BoB (my faithful orange double stroller).

Race day dawned bright, hot, and humid.  Hubby was in town, but I decided to stick with my original plan and push the boys during the race.  Please note: I have only done this once before, and that was 2 years ago with just Little Man at a local 5k series on a July evening in Virginia.  Back in Ohio, we parked very easily and quickly, then meandered around the various tents.  I popped my head in for our chapter’s MRTT group photo, then found a place to park and wait for the start.  Turns out, I was kind of in the back middle of the crowd instead of starting in the very back, which is typical of most stroller runners.  However, I did not want to be stuck behind walkers for the entire race, so I slowly sneaked my way into the pack when the race started.  I was so glad I did not start in the very back, because as it was, I was running on the grass beside the not-very-wide path in order to pass people for the first mile.  Let me tell you – pushing a total of 100 pounds of stroller and testosterone is not an easy task!  Doing it while trying to pass people for the first mile of a race without much of a warm up (at all) is enough to make you want to die!  But, we survived.  🙂  There were 3 aid stations with cold water, which was wonderful considering how hot and humid it was.  The out-and-back course had some decent shade between miles 2 and 3, but the sunshine hit hard for the first and last mile.  I have heard many people complain that the course was actually 3.7 miles, but I’m ok with it.  I passed more people than any other race I’ve ever run, got to hear from several women how inspired they were from seeing me race with a double stroller, and I managed to finish 4th in my age group!  And I was pleased with my time.  🙂

11953405_10153698685451162_7351994311111222867_oMy only beef with this race was that there was no information listed for where packet pickup would be located.  I ended up texting a friend who has run this race before and found out where and when to pick up my bib.  So glad I did, because I also ended up with 110% Play Hard compression pants that have been on my wish list for 2 years!!!  Super thankful for 50% off apparel Labor Day sales at Fleet Feet Columbus!  😀  and a generous, understanding husband…

Can’t wait to run this race again next year, sans kids!

How was your Labor Day?
What is your favorite local race?


2 thoughts on “Race Review – Run 4 The Health Of It 4 Miler

  1. Hello!

    Thank you so much for sharing your “Run 4 the Health of It” experience! I’m so glad you and the kids had a great time. Next year, we will be a little more clear regarding packet pickup 😉 Congratulations on a great finish.

    See you next year!

    Mike Podesta
    Central Ohio Primary Care
    Marketing Assistant


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