The long run

I’m re-discovering how hard it is to be pregnant.  While I have been very blessed to not be going through morning sickness, I feel like my life’s energy is slowly draining away.  The kind of fatigue that makes getting out of bed in the morning – knowing you have a poopy diaper to clean, kids to dress, and breakfast to make for a grumpy, ungrateful 3 year old – become a monumental effort and 30 minute ordeal.  BTW, I don’t do mornings.


So, the fact that I ran three times last week means I’m a success, right?  The fact that I missed both BodyPump and Barre… means I have something to strive for this week!  🙂

You already heard about my race.  Hubby didn’t have to leave until Tuesday evening, which was a huge relief because I had a really hard time staying out of bed.  I could not stay vertical for more than a few hours.  As a result, I did not make it to the 6pm BodyPump class.  Instead, the boys and I had an early bedtime.  I met with my awesome stroller running buddy on Wednesday, and we did a hot 4 miles around the Hoover Dam in Westerville.  The sunshine, heat, and slight humidity was very reminiscent of Virginia.  🙂  Hubby made it home on Thursday evening in time for me to go to Barre without the boys, but I was not able to make it up there in time due to the insane amounts of traffic!  I’m going to have to leave 45 minutes early for the evening Barre class, when it normally takes me 20 minutes…  Well, I really don’t like getting there late, so I walked half a mile in my flip flops at Highbanks Park, which is where I turned around.  I’m really going to have to go back there and run sometime without the boys.  It’s so beautiful and peaceful.

Friday is the day I’m most proud about.  Since the Columbus half marathon is coming up in a few (5) short weeks, I need to continue my long weekend runs.  And by long, I mean 10-12 miles.  Hubby was planning on riding his bike with his dad that morning, so I decided I would take the boys with my to the Olentangy Trail to attempt our first double digit long run together!  Yes, I’m a little crazy….

What it takes to run 10 miles with 2 toddlers and while pregnant
What it takes to run 10 miles with 2 toddlers and while pregnant

Here is what I ended up packing:
For the boys: Blankets or sweatshirts (since it was supposed to be 69 degrees at 10am), water bottles, string cheese, and snack cups for each boy.  Little Man also brought his beloved Monkey and a book.

For me: my regular Camelbak eddy water bottle, a regular water bottle, and my Nuun water bottle with Nuun Energy in it; my insulated travel mug with chocolate milk for afterwards; Bonk Breaker Strawberry chews (with caffeine – always a bonus); my wallet; keys; and ice packs in the insulated bag for my new 110% Juggler Knickers afterwards.  Plus I had to check and pump up all the tires for Bob (the stroller) before we left.


Turns out, my boys do awesome with Bob!  I’m pretty sure Drama Prince dozed for a couple miles near Clintonville, and he only had a few complaints when he was awake.  Little Man ate his snacks almost right away, wanted me to read his book to him (ha!), and snuggled with Monkey.  He was very excited to see the “Fancy River” as he calls the Olentangy, watch the Canadian geese hang out by one of the little dams, and see 3 deer on the trail!

The beautiful Olentangy Trail
The beautiful Olentangy Trail
Flowers beside the Olentangy River
Flowers beside the Olentangy River
The beautiful Olentangy Trail
The beautiful Olentangy Trail
Deer on the trail!
Deer on the trail!

We finished the 10 miles in 1:34, averaging a 9:26 pace!  I probably could have run it a little faster since I was able to drop my average pace from 9:35 to 9:26 over the last 2 miles, but I’m happy with the end result given that I was pushing 2.25 kids!

Finished! :)
Finished! 🙂


Barely baby bump
Barely-there 11 week baby bump

So yes, I will still listen to my body when it tells me that Baby Parasite is requiring more energy from me than my Barre class over these next 4 weeks.  But, that’s not an excuse to not exercise!  Therefore, I’m still going to plan and try to 1) run 3-4 days and 2) make it to the gym at least once this week.

Happy Monday!

What are your workout goals this week?
How was your first trimester?


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