5 favorite things I never run without

Here is a list of my favorite running gadgets.  Seriously, I rarely (if ever) run without these things!

1.  Garmin Forerunner 305

I got this data tracker for my birthday from my mom nearly 7 years ago!  Up until that point, I would track my runs via Google maps to figure out the distance.  Receiving this watch kind of signaled the start of my running career.  I had a new fancy watch – I was a real runner!  I still use this watch every time I run – it tracks my heart rate, average pace, best pace, distance, total time, GPS of where I ran, elevation… everything you can think of!  Plus I can input specific interval workouts and let my Garmin tell me when I’m supposed to be running or recovering.  This is especially helpful for track workouts or returning to running after having a baby.

2.  Road ID bracelet

No one likes to think about the what if’s.  But if the unexpected happens, wouldn’t you like to be prepared?  With RoadID, you can wear your name, date of birth, emergency contacts, and pertinent medical information on your wrist, ankle, or shoe!  There is also an option to just have a website or code on your RoadID so emergency responders can look up your medical info and emergency contacts (so you don’t have to advertise it).

3.  BoB Revolution Duallie – for the boys!

When Little Man was born, we bought a Baby Trend jogging stroller and baby carseat combo.  I certainly ran with this stroller, but I really did not like it.  It was awkward, hard to steer, and uncomfortable to push.  Combined with my desire to use running as “me-time”, I did not run much with Little Man.  Once we found out we were expecting Baby #2 (aka Drama Prince), I informed Hubby that I wanted a double BoB stroller.  After all, I was going to need a double stroller for two very small boys, right?  Why not get a really good one?  Quite happily, within 2 weeks of stalking Craigslist and researching this amazing creation, I found this stroller plus a bike trailer for less than half of a brand new stroller.  I was only like 8 weeks pregnant, but we snatched it up!  Since then, I’ve put in over 300 stroller miles with both boys and our beloved Bob!  I highly recommend this stroller to any runner mom with one or two kids – totally worth it!  It’s so smooth, has plenty of storage for water bottles, snacks, blankets, and everything else you need for Mama or Kiddo(s), steers on a dime, and provides great shade.

4.  Charity Miles app.

I love this app!  You log in or create an account, choose from over 15 charities to support, and start running or biking!  A corporate sponsor such as Johnson & Johnson donates either a quarter for each mile you run or 10 cents for each bike mile.  Some of the charities include Habitat for Humanity, Wounded Warrior project, and Every Mother Counts.  I like running with my phone for safety, but I really love that I can make a difference – however small it seems – doing something I love and already do every week.

5.  Camelbak Dart hydration pack

I bought this vest while I was in the last phases of marathon training in 2013.  If I don’t hydrate well during my runs, I pay for it for the rest of the day with fatigue, dropping blood pressures with any position change, and a high heart rate.  As a result, I almost always wear this 1.5 liter pack on any runs that are less than 3-4 miles or without the stroller (where I can easily bring 2 water bottles).  Plus, I have an easy storage pocket in the back for my phone (since running clothes have hardly any pockets), any kind of fuel, my inhaler, and extra car key – with room to spare!  It takes a little getting used to the constant sloshing sound and the extra weight on your shoulders, but I find it very comfortable now.  I also like wearing it on hot days, when hiking, or any time I need to stay on top of my fluid intake and won’t have easy access to my water bottle (like packing).

Note: all opinions are my own.


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