The Barre3 Experience

At the recommendation of my friend Marion, I decided to try out her favorite Barre studio – Barre3 in Powell, Ohio.


Now, I’ve been taking Barre classes at the YMCA for the past 4 months, give or take a few.  My friend Emma is an instructor, and she got me hooked.  Barre is the only fitness class I’ve taken in several years that makes me feel so out of shape!  Call me crazy, but I kind of like it.  It shows areas that need some serious work, and how to address those weak links.  My friend Emma told me that she did Barre while she was pregnant and it was largely what helped her return back to running so much stronger and faster after having baby S.  After complaining about knee pain at my last running shoe fitting, I was told that my knee turns inward when I run.  This is a result of weakened glutes and hips.  Barre has been perfect for that!

And then I moved to Ohio and away from Emma’s awesome Barre class at the local YMCA, and was disappointed at the Barre class up here.  After 3 classes, it started feeling easy, I wasn’t sure if my form was correct, and it was a lot of the same moves – variation on lunges or squats.  No arm work whatsoever.

Then my Marion – another Barre fanatic – told me about how much she loved Barre3.  So Sunday afternoon, I joined her.  Oh my goodness, what an amazing experience!  First of all, the studio was simply beautiful.  They have a child care area – something almost no other studio has, which is a turn off for me.  Two walls of the studio were windowed, so there was a lot of natural light.  The instructor was bubbly, very visible when demonstrating the various positions, and moved all around the room to encourage or correct form.  The whole session was intense, but not over the top.  Even the warm up was challenging!  Plenty of modifications were available for the various positions, and everything was explained very well.  I was surprised the hour passed so quickly!

The only thing that was a bit of a turn off was the lady at the front desk.  She came to mingle with the students afterwards and asked how I (the newbie) liked the class.  She explained that “people will say how good you look after doing Barre for a little bit, but (here she accentuated the abdomen) soon you’ll start to notice a difference and then you’ll really believe that this works.”  She followed this train of thought for another 3 minutes, until I finally looked at Marion, laughed, and said, “It will be a while before this *motioning towards my growing belly* will come off.”  They both laughed, and the Front Desk lady assured me “it” would come off.  I looked at her point blank and said, “I’m 11 weeks pregnant.”  Now, let it be known that I was wearing my favorite workout shirt – Running for Two.

002-rbt-sph_1Not sure how she missed that…  I thought it was pretty obvious.

Anyways, that was the only negative experience, and I really just find it slightly baffling and highly amusing.  And I really can’t wait until I actually have a baby bump, so people will stop assuming.

Overall, I really loved the studio and can’t wait until I can go back again – hopefully this week!  🙂


Happy Monday!


What is your favorite strengthening routine?


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