Bump Update: 12 weeks

A little bit of a late post today, but it’s my birthday and I can do what I want, right?!  Yup, today I have reached the mature age of….. 26.  This day has been different, with some highs and lows.

Highs:  My day started off my day with my sister in law calling me at 0815 telling me she was going to bring me Starbucks coffee and breakfast!  Then I went to my free birthday Barre class at Barre3, which was as amazing as the last time! wpid-photogrid_1443021507653.jpgAfter a short break at home, we went to a park and had a lovely lunch with Marion and her kids.


Lows:  Little Man woke up in a funk and has been rather nasty all day – talking back to me, not obeying, and not being nice to his brother.  Drama Prince woke up after only 30 minutes into a late afternoon nap with a 102.6 fever(!), which means I had to cancel the dinner plans with my in-laws.  😦  And during the times when I wasn’t busy talking with my friend or attempting a Barre position, it hit me how different this year’s birthday is from all other years.  Because I’m now 500 miles away from all my family and long-time friends; because I won’t get a sweet message from my dad today.

But, I’m making a hard, conscious effort to focus on my blessings and where I am right now, rather than focusing on what I left behind.  Those blessings include a husband who is coming home tonight (YAY!), flying solo to Virginia tomorrow morning to spend 3 days with my beloved Lis, and growing a healthy Baby Blob!



How far along? 12 weeks, 5 days

How big is Baby?  The size of a lime

Gender: Still no idea.  Any guesses?

Maternity clothes:  It’s getting uncomfortable to wear my regular jeans, but maternity jeans are still a little too big.  I did find some maternity tank tops that help make me look pregnant and not just fat, but otherwise I’m still in normal clothes.

Swelling:  Nope!

Food cravings:  Pumpkin Spice Latte… and good, coal-fired pizza.  On a positive note, I’m starting to trust leafy veggies again!  🙂

Food aversions:  Carrots.  Tried feeding some to Drama Prince, and the smell was a huge turnoff!

Sleep:  Still hit or miss.  I’ve noticed I sleep a lot better if I work out really hard that day before 4pm – like a Barre3 class!  But BodyPump at 6pm?  It’s really hard to get to sleep before midnight….

Mood:  I’m kinda all over the place.  Able to enjoy the happy moments of the day and look forward to things, but can swing easily to apathetic or slightly depressed. Darn hormones….

What I miss the most:  Not having to watch my caffeine limit!

What I’m looking forward to right now:  Still waiting on the Great Return of Energy!  It’s coming back… slowly…

Funny moment this week:  The story of the woman at Barre3 who somehow didn’t understand I was pregnant (despite my Running for Two shirt) and kept going on for 3 minutes about how coming to Barre will help me lose the flabbiness of my midsection.  Some people…..

Total weight gain: Per the doctor last week, I’ve gained 3 pounds, which is right on track for the first trimester.

What are some funny/inappropriate things people have said to you when you are/were pregnant?


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