“Why do you run?”

This morning, I went on my first run in almost 2 weeks.  It was also the day after I got up at 4:20am to fly back back to Ohio from my solo trip to Virginia for a best friend’s baby shower.  Needless to say, this morning was not pretty.  I was so tired, struggling to breathe, and had almost zero mental toughness.  Thank goodness I was running with Marion, because I probably would have stopped after the first mile.  As it was, we ran 3.3 miles at a 10 minute pace.  And I’m okay with that.  Why, you ask?  Because I was out there.



Some miles are easy and breezy; others are a physical and mental struggle.  Some runs provide epiphanies and euphoria; others give you back your sanity through sweat and tears.  Some runs need to be solo and peaceful; others require the companionship of a buddy.  But regardless of whether the run was “good” or “bad”, there is always a silver lining – you were out there.  You might not have hit the planned pace, and you may feel like you are dying.  You may have to walk.  But all that does not mean you are no longer worthy to be considered a runner.


If you asked me why I run 5 years ago, I would say it was for the euphoria and stress relief from being in nursing school.  If you asked me 3 years ago, I would probably say it was to prove I can go farther and faster than I thought.  If you ask me today, I will tell you it is because I want to inspire people – both strangers and my boys – to live a healthy life; to prove that it is possible to be a full-time mom and still be physically active; to meet other runners in my new city; to catch up with old friends; to process what is happening in my life at the moment; and because I love the feeling of sweaty accomplishment of pushing myself.


Do you consider yourself a runner?
Why do you run?


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