One of those days

The two year old is trying to parent the 8 month old, who is being dramatic about it all. The 8 month old is crawling and pulling up on The two year old is requiring a lot more attention than normal. The 8 month old is not napping more than 45 minutes or sleeping … More One of those days

A Positive End

This has been a rough month for me.  At the beginning of the month, I finally went to my OB to get on medication for postpartum depression and was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  Since then, there have been days of complete exhaustion and days of finally feeling like my old self; of brain fog, a … More A Positive End

Getting there

Within a week of starting an antidepressant and thyroid medication, I was ecstatic to discover I was back to my old self.  I could finally go a whole day without having to lie down due to exhaustion.  My brain came back!  I could critically think again, put full sentences together, and have complete thoughts!  I … More Getting there

Coming Out

Depression. I feel like there have been times in my life where I’ve danced around the edges of depression.  It runs heavily in my family history, so it’s not all that surprising.  But, I’ve always managed.  I talk it out, I run, I manage.  I might feel glum for a day or two, but I … More Coming Out