Sneaky veggies

Last week, I mentioned how Baby Blob does not like veggies.  I know my body is craving them, but the very thought of a zucchini or a leafy green (two of my favorites) makes me nauseated.  So, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out a way to slip them into my diet without … More Sneaky veggies

Homemade yogurt

  So, I’ve been known to make my own yogurt.  It’s cheap, I know exactly what’s in it, I can add whatever I like to it, and it’s cheap.  🙂  And we go through a lot of yogurt, especially for our overnight oats.  And now, you can too!   Yup, I’m gonna share my secret with … More Homemade yogurt

Overnight oats

I love breakfast foods.  Pancakes, waffles, eggs, muffins, turkey bacon, oatmeal, cold cereal, Greek yogurts with granola, fresh fruit, French toast…  So many options!  And that’s just the problem. I am not an early bird, so making a decision on what’s for breakfast is the last thing I want to think about at 7:30am when … More Overnight oats

Little revelations

Next week, we will be traveling to Columbus Ohio to scout out the area for our new home. As the weeks fly by and the date of our move approaches, I have these little revelations – little epiphanies that sometimes catch me off guard. As I sit here planning how to travel 7 hours away … More Little revelations

Lemon water challenge

I’ve read about lemon water on Pintrest recently. After fighting frequent colds this winter, I’m looking for anything that will help keep me and the boys healthy!What are the benefits of lemon water?  According to this website, the benefits include: Increases hydration Boosts immune system Improves skin Helps with cleansing and detoxing Stimulates digestion Honestly, … More Lemon water challenge

Something fishy…

Food and I have an interesting relationship.  I love to cook and bake, but I don’t like to eat.  I like trying new recipes, but I don’t like to eat.  I’m one of those eat-to-live people.  But I also get bored with food very easily and quickly.  So, I love finding new foods on Pintrest, … More Something fishy…