A glimmer of hope

It hits out of nowhere.  And when I say hit, I mean like an IV narcotic.  Imagine you are in pain, excruciating pain.  You want to scream at the slow moving nurse to give you relief as fast as possible!  She screws in the syringe and slowly pushes the narcotic.  You count the agonizing seconds, … More A glimmer of hope

Grateful for Growth

We have now been Colorado residents for 4 weeks.  It’s crazy to think that it has been such a short time and already it feels like home.  I am amazed every day at the beauty of this place.  The expansive deep blue sky, the open rolling plains, the tall brown mountains framing the western sky, … More Grateful for Growth

Late night ramblings

For the last month, I find myself asking God, “Why?” Why did He relocate me 500 miles away from my family? Me, the homebody? The one who loves tradition and family gatherings and routine? Who cherishes the familiar and loathes the idea of uprooting and starting over? The one who has never had to start … More Late night ramblings


My world was shaken 18 days, 14 hours ago.  I was awakened very suddenly at 3am by a call from my mom.  I answered, and got the news that my dad was in a single car accident and currently in surgery due to massive bleeding.  My two siblings, who were with him, were okay.  When … More Grief